Writing services reviews

Writing services reviews

Features supplied by Acad-Write.com

Our role is to do a comparison of the internet site material of a custom composing organization, and we did the very same with Acad-Write.com. What did we find out? A multitude of exceptional and good opinions, obviously. In spite of this, we most definitely revealed a tremendous difference in regards to the feedback of Acad-Write we have reviewed, and the shiny reports.

A lot of past consumers described the lack of ability to connect with the user support department. In this way, the grade of the firm can clearly use some kind of enhancements.

Once we were provided with our order, we weren’t genuinely pleased about the end result equally. However, it was consisted of by compositional mistakes, sentence structure issues, incorrect word and tense utilization. That is why we were forced to request changes, given that the order didn’t meet up with our standards. We did find a way to receive these improvements, but talking with the copywriter was complex actually.

An alternative issue we frequently write about in our examination is the following: is this organization a fraud or scam? No, if you order from Acad-Write, you will receive your request. In spite of this, the standard is terrible for a specialized freelance writing company.


Additional Essential Point - User Aid and Copywriters’ Talents

The writers’ degree takes on a key role in analyzing the quality of the products supplied by Acad-Write. As assessing the webpage, we did locate info showing that all writers own a master’s diploma or Ph.D. stage. However, there isn’t any kind of additional information that supports these promises. Thereby, we are not certain regardless of whether that is in fact honest ever since the grade of the documents is bad.

What about talking to the user care agents? Acad-Write.com fully implies that buyers can gain from their 24/7 customer help. That is a major element. All the same, after we telephoned the organization for plenty of times, we were put on hold and obtained no attention.

That is faulty for a company that promises to deliver 24/7 support. In spite of this, we did receive a reply by means of live chat, which was extremely unexplainable. We requested to acquire a certain amount of facts in relation to their dissertation penning service. We were merely told to fill out our request, and in the circumstance we wouldn’t be written content with the outcome, we can acquire the complete refund. That wasn’t the pro response we thought we’d get.


What about the price levels?

This part in our review is designated to the costs, discounts and discount codes. Is there a specific promo code made for fresh clients? Sure. You receive a 15 percent discount rate for your initial order. To illustrate, our document should have be $159.00, and, in its place, we paid out $135.66.

The prices are regular, a college paper page will cost you $11.30, and a page for a Ph.D. level document costs up to $45.00.

You can choose the additional options supplied by Acad-Write, which comprise of a plagiarism analysis, in return of $14.99, or decide on a first-rate copywriter, which will bring in 15 % to the overall cost of your order. These supplemental offers aren’t helpful in any respect for the buyer.


On the whole, Acad-Write can upgrade the offerings they give in many approaches - the consumer care is unsatisfactory, and so is the standard of the papers. So, our rating of the firm is mediocre.


The film review presented below explores an extensive analysis of audiovisual, musical and cultural details of the film The Sound of Music. The film is produced and directed by the renowned producer Robert Wise. Three scenes regarding the film have been given utmost focus throughout the whole paper. The scenes include the first time the children of Von Trapp learn and internalize the concept of music, the initial time Maria gives an explanation of what makes her happy and feel better and lastly that moment when Captain Von Trapp sings Edelweiss. There is a reason for singling out the three scenes. The music in its simplest essence highlights the instance representing each and every member of the Von Trapp family. Essentially, music contributes to the compelling concept of love. For instance, Captain von Trapp has his love for Austria whereas Maria is portrayed to love the kids. Additionally, Maria’s love for music has been obvious. As evidenced in each scene of the film, music posses an emotional influence on the viewers. The paper, therefore, discusses why and how music made this impact to be significant. In each of the scenes described, music plays a direct narrative role whereby the sound as well as the lyrics of the song directly narrates the story. As a result, the human emotions and attention are involved in the various instances of the song. Furthermore, during each scene, the musical characters show love in various ways, all having a key connection to the fundamental theme of the movie. In the entire review, there is extensive analysis of each song’s lyric and musical features. The central focus is on instruments used and their connection with the song and the given situation. Lastly, there is the need to note that at the absence of music, it becomes difficult to single out the emotions of the characters as well as its relation to the scene.

Historical analysis

The Sound of Music is an archetypal Hollywood film produced in 1965. Up to date, the plot comprising melodies and a moving story of the upsurge of Nazi rule in Australia express a skillful combination of melodies to enhance the logical and emotional appeal to the viewers. Specific scenes of focus typify the 1960s productions characterized by the kirche-küche-kinder emotion (Santopietro 197). Predominantly, the sing-along performances and unique characters dressed like sweet children and nuns improve the visual appeal representing an era in human civilization. Besides, the scenes entail a tuneful 2D agreeable score performed by Richard Rodgers-Oscar Hammerstein emphasizes the frightening events surrounding the family of Captain Georg Ritter Von Trapp that comprised a governess and seven offsprings. Therefore, the film expresses the real events that accompanied the Nazi governance in the 1980s. It shows the actual struggles including depression, human rights violation, and economic hardships resulting from poor policies and civil unrests. A keen analysis of the scenes commencing with the arrival of Maria into the family introduces the concept of love for music (Wilk 80). Maria successfully nurtures the siblings particularly Liesl to relive the music and apply it to overcome life challenges.

Visual analysis

The film features comprising the highlands and the magnificent figure of Maria, the governess thereby offering a special visual appeal. The film documents some of the serious events in the Nazi era. The cinematic effects coupled with the steady and clear voice humming the lyrics in the backgrounds familiarizes the theme of love and confidence. Therefore, the film extensively validates a good perseverance that guides Maria to form an outstanding relationship with the children and the captain (Maslon 148). Moreover, the film incorporates dogmatic songs at the initial stages of the inception; this creates an ethical dilemma of the good or wrong actions, for example, Marias dilemma to embrace divine or material love.

Musical and lyrical analysis

As highlighted, music is an important component of the film. “Do re me” connects with the starting song “The Hills are Alive” to offer the perception of a new beginning. The mentioned song helps relive the Maria’s background from when she was orphaned through to college and finally into the family of Von Trapp. It symbolizes the continuity of life despite the adversaries that individuals face (Hillier 119). Therefore, it connects the musical rhythm that evidences in the entire film and improves viewers’ comprehension of the scenes. Particularly, it introduces the character Maria to the realm and indicates how she manages to cope with the new family using the songs. The scene where Von Trapp children learn music symbolizes a stage of self-realization and acceptance of the life challenges. The famous song in the scene is “I Have Confidence”. First, the title of the song represents a paradigm shift regarding the perception of the world and relationships. It also denotes a generation characterized by enhanced esteem and desire to achieve life aspirations (Onwugbolu 87). In the beginning, Maria addresses the hostility from the children through a song. The approach denotes substantial information, for instance, music is a tool for communication. Second, songs appeal to the different human attributes including pathos, ethos, and logos. Finally, songs facilitate relationships and can apply in conflict resolution. Therefore, “Do Re Me”, for instance, marks the commencement of a learning process by the captain’s children. In turn, singing together with the children enabled a significant family bond that heightened cooperation. The lyrics, for example, “I am seeking the courage I lack” imprints the significance of confidence in forming functional relationships. Thus, Maria sings the song on her way to the Von Trapp’s house to gain the inspiration for success in the new task. The accompanying display of the Salzkammergut Lake District improves the backdrop feature (Baer 117). Therefore, the song compliments the imagery to improve the required visual appeal and demonstrate the love.

Similarly, "My favorite things” enriches the plot and musicals to express creatively feelings. Particularly, the musicals jointly demonstrate the eventual wedding and romance of Maria and the Captain. It also enables Maria to open up about the issues that make her feel good. In this perspective, the deep tone coupled with powerful vocal clearly defines the disparity of the thoughts (Frederic). Nonetheless, the union created by the song enables the formation of amicable solutions. An illustration of the scenes indicates that background tempos distinctly pair the aspirations of the governess, the chaotic children, and the captain to ascertain the significance from abstract and objective illustrations. The musicals also define characters, for instance, Maria’s role of teaching the family the art of singing makes her the watchers eye throughout the movie (Trapp 143). The singing prowess, for example, creates suspense that keeps people glued through the film. Therefore, self-disclosure through the songs communicates her obstacles that include life status.

Finally, the Edelweiss sums up the Georg von Tapp’s perceptions of family, ethical dilemmas, relationship, and romance. In the scene, the family has established their sense of togetherness and use of song to promote understanding. Therefore, they passionately sing to express their feelings about the land, patriotism to Austria (Carr and Strauss 98). Thus, the song Edelweiss syndicates soaring voices with the spiritual awareness to generate a cynical impresario. In turn, they exemplify the richness of musicals in demonstrating love in the Sound of Music.

Conceivably, songs exemplify an articulated performance that incorporates cinematography, sing-along musicals, and instruments to express the love and romance despite the ethical challenges of the era. Maria’s background and the capability to influence the perceptions of the children through the songs further stamp the significance towards creating a working relationship. Thus, the highlighted songs are brilliantly structured, ineradicable, and indestructible to address the life obstacles and the mechanisms for overcoming challenges through cooperation (Russell and Waters 96). The creativity of the creators including nice songs and suspense keeps the viewer glued and singing along during the entire session. Therefore, Sound of Music is an example of a magnificent piece of art that continually progresses to quench the desires of different generations. 



This guide was authored with the purpose of delivering some guidance for the options gave by Essay Lib. We've taken for us to review their products and services via consumer reviews and obtaining our own work from their website in order that we are able to obtain a individual understanding of what we are analyzing.

Essay Lib is a skilled penning organization that provides academic pieces of paper for a variety of degrees of study. It had been set up in 2008 in the U.K., but they present offerings which go beyond the edge of London. The site itself has a quite user-friendly structure which makes it easy to navigate from page to page. The offerings they deliver alternate from fundamental highschool pieces of paper to complicated thesis and dissertation essays.

Product and Feature Standard

The main reason why EssayLib.com made it through for so long in the essay copywriting organization is simply because they give good, qualitative offerings to their buyers. Almost all the past customer testimonials we look at from their internet site and other internet sites as well declare that they take their tasks very seriously and give a heavy standard inspect to every one paper that gets delivered to the users. You will likewise receive a 7-day deadline for revisions that allows you time for some other improvements you'll probably decide.

Getting in touch with the Essay lib website and Authors

EssayLib.com can be got in contact with with e-mail, live chat, and phone. While an e-mail can be sent at any hour, the live chat and the phone lines will have limits during the saturday or sunday. We contacted the employees with a few questions, but they seemed to be unaware of problems from their own internet page. They in addition seemed to be taking care of website programs, and they would possibly direct us to the FAQ or they would ask a manager to take over in case they didn't have an solution down.

For an purchase, you'll be needed to get hold of a copywriter of your fancy. While there might not be any free trials on their web page, you can ask Essay Lib to deliver you 3 samples of text from your writer of choice. Bear in mind that you will need to pay a $5 fee for that feature. In spite of this, both testimonials and independent evaluations contain good remarks relating to their support.


The pricing are wide-ranging according to what target date you opt for, what grade you would like and how many pages you prefer to acquire. A standard 10-page study article that spreads on a 14-day deadline day can cost you approximately $160, which can be rather steep by the requirements of the market. For a Master's piece of paper, it'll cost you with $21 per page. Payment is done by typical ways, and there's a 100% guarantee that you will get a refund if the product is not to your liking. The website is not fraud or scam, so users won't have to worry about any invisible payments.

We present a reasonably good status for this website, considering the great number of offerings they provide to their consumers.


Custom Writings is a producing company that focuses on aiding scholars all over the world to make their projects - by creating the materials for them. We will try to make a analysis of their activity and declare if we would propose them for other users determined by their professionalism. Our research will be made depending on different customer reviews, as well as our own material which was ordered from them as a test. Here is the result of our investigation.
Client Support and Copywriters
We didn't have a lot of contact with our article author, even though this wasn't really vital either. Within 60 minutes of leaving the order, we received a verification and a greeting, and we were further got into contact with after 48 hours to bring some clarifications. Our conversations with the writer and user support were competent and short, but overall nice.
Quality of the Products and Options
Our method of analyzing Customwritings.com company contained putting an arrange for a research material, undergraduate grade. We selected the upgrade option and selected a superior article author to compose out 10 pages with 4 resources. It wasn't hard to place the request; in spite of this, it was really frustrating that the selection options were in alphabetical order, so a great deal of our time was spent on scrolling. It would have been more effective if they opted for a filter so that the popular features would appear at the start.
We acquired our paper prior to the timeline and determined it 100% original. It had the number of pages that we called for, and the creator used the quantity of sources that we required. There were, nonetheless, a few errors:
2/4 sources were more fitted to senior high school materials than a 4th-year undergraduate material.
There were a couple of grammatical mistakes.
The last page wasn't 100% filled, but about 85%. Some professors can have an issue with this.
The consumer reviews we discovered online rated CustomWritings from good to above average. We have additionally come across evaluations that placed them below average, but they weren't many. But nevertheless, we did observe that all opinions existing on their internet site were positive.
The Costs
We paid Custom Writings an amount of $210 for our piece of paper, which includes our upgrade for a more experienced writer. Regretably, we cannot claim that the price tags were up to par with what we should have obtained simply because the quality of our document may have been better. Considering this, we considered that the price level was too big for what we was given.
Discounts and Other Features
We have found that CustomWritings.com gives similar extra features as various other webpages. These can be plagiarism checkers, free sample articles, hurried deliveries and professional proofreading and editing. We did not choose these features, and upon inspection, we didn't find any data concerning them from other opinions. We also searched for coupon codes or a promo code, but we found no trace of these on their web site, nor on any other web sites. There are some discount rates, but only if you purchase enough papers in a lifetime to gain their favor.
We were quite frustrated by CustomWritings.com, so we are only able to provide them with the rank of Fair to Poor. The positive part is that we think Custom Writings is not fraud or scam and can be safely utilized. Our Rank for CustomWritings
We have decided to give this firm a negative ranking. Influenced by our personal practical experience and mixed with other review articles, our outcome is that the negatives outweigh the positives. In comparison with many other webpages, the products and price levels for Custom Writings fit the fraud or scam type.


Essayedge.com is a pro piece of paper web page that provides editing features for learners and businessmen alike. Whether you require an MBA piece of paper edited, a law, medical, college, graduate or interview prep work - this is their cherry on the pie. They are very picky when considering selecting their authors, which is why you will notice that they are only staffed with graduates from colleges for instance Princeton, Stanford, Harvard or Yale. This assessment was created with the sole reason for supplying you with an understanding about their veracity.

Take into account that if what you require is paper producing, this organization is not the place to go to. Even on their webpage, they're stressing on the fact they only deliver editing and proofreading options on a high school level - so an document article writing service is off the table.

About the Services Standard

The options of Essay Edge frequently focus on editing personal statements for many different firms. But, you can additionally find 17 subcategories of guidance for paper editing and proofreading for academics. You will find numerous reports on their site attesting to their worth which is complimentary to their feature quality. But, because they are inside and not independent, it is advised that you'll continue with caution - they'll only reveal to you what they need you to discover. The vast majority of difficulty and standard of the materials depends upon the text they get for editing. Depending upon how many mistakes there are, it might take just a few hours or a longer time period.

Consumer Aid and Authors

As we mentioned before, EssayEdge.com only employs writers from famous educational facilities. Feedback likewise validate the reality that their editing abilities are second to no one. Having degrees that go from M.A. or Ph.D., all of the authors are thoroughly tested before they drop the true work on them. You will find a biography about the top 10 editors on the website to confirm their knowledge, with some personal background to ensure they are seem more human.

Concerning the consumer help, that was a bit more troublesome. We tried to communicate with them through their live chat, and we found it was offline. We tried the helpline, but it confused us even more. It didn't seem like an inquiry form, but instead just like an internal texting system. We identified other assessments that told us this wasn't a problem they haven't met before.

Price ranges and Lower price rates

Concerning regular paper article writing options, price tags are typically obvious. When considering Essay Edge, not nearly so. Every article is treated diversely, at a different price range, based on the text. Generally, though, a 600-word text would cost you $69 for the Proofreading package, $149 for Standard and $379 for Premium.

While there are no real price reductions offered, they do have discount codes that cut 20% of the pricing and a promo code that reduces 50% of it (although we do not know how, in each case.)

In spite of this, we present Essay Edge a fair to good ranking and we recommend it to other people as well - provided you get past the maze which is the consumer support.


Online Services Reviews: DoMyEssay

On paper, DoMyEssay.net does not bring anything new to the table. Being one of the many websites focused on academic writing, you can spot most of the things that are expected: essays, research papers, dissertation and pretty much anything else you would expect as homework during your education. 

The levels covered are, again, the usual: they range from high school up to PhD. There are also no writing services centered around businesses or any other professional activities, but since that’s generally a bonus, we can’t be too critical of the aspect.

As you may know, what we care most is not what the services looks like on paper, but what they mean in practice. Although we have done extensive research regarding opinions expressed in customer reviews outside of their website, ensuring they are not a scam, checking their prices and the value that is promised, it wasn’t until we received our own order that we were truly qualified to make a fair review.

With all that being said, here is our experience with DoMyEssay:

Service Quality

We ordered a standard college-level paper, four pages long, having a 14-day deadline. We did not use any extra features and chose an accessible topic, just so we have a typical case. 

The result was very disappointing. The writing was subpar even compared to your average student, not to mention we’re talking about a company that is supposed to have professional writers. The incorrect grammar and incorrect usage of words constituted a fairly frequent sight, certainly not what a native English speaker would write. We decided to use they free revision policy, yet the quality still didn’t come to an acceptable state. 
Our complaints regarding the writing seem to not be isolated, as we managed to find numerous customers having the same issue online.

Staff and Support

The staff of the website was very polite, yet that is hardly enough to make it serviceable in a business. While we appreciate their intention, the necessary training just wasn’t there. None of our interactions with customer support brought us a decent product.


The prices DoMyEssay offers are pretty much in the standard range. 13$/page is the lowest, for high school essays, going up to 50$/page, for the highest level of education. We precisely picked something that would be simple to make, so we ended up with 15$/page in the end. It seems that, regardless of the topic’s difficulty and price, the writing quality is still poor. We compared our experience with various other customers and reached the same conclusion.

Features and discounts

We did not receive any promo code as first time customers, neither did we receive any information regarding coupon codes for the future. The website is vague in terms of information about the team, simply praising the credentials of their writers without offering anything of substance to back it up. Their blogs and testimonials could mislead you into thinking their writers are native English speakers, but that’s not what it looks once you receive your paper.


We can find no saving grace for this writing service. Our rating is 2 out of 5 stars.

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